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Hello! We are a Creative Studio.

We like designing things, making things and thinking of things.



LMV Creative is a bespoke creative studio which is a passionate collaboration of two professionals.

There are no middle people, no account or project managers, with each and every project you are able to speak and collaborate directly with the owners, who are also the creators of most of the creative work. All designs, concepts and strategies are developed in-house and, when required, we reach out to our network of specialists and assemble a team for the specific project. This system gives us freedom and a vast creative reach and allow us to offer bespoke services.


We run our creative practice as a fully remote agency and have put in place a streamlined process that enables us to collaborate with clients and partners worldwide.

lama Khlifat.jpg
Lama Khlifat

Through strategy we set our perspective and guidelines. Then we exercise our creative instincts and wait for miracles to happen.

Vidyut Dhanwatri | Creative Director | Art Director LMV Creative
Vidyut Dhanwantri

Cherish curiosity and experimentation above all else. That is the only way you can create something different, something unique.

Get in touch

To discuss a project drop us a line below. We will be more than happy to schedule a quick call or a meeting to say hello and answer any questions you might have about working together.

Write to us

Tashkeel, Nad Al Shiba

Dubai, 450667

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 55 8800 862

Thank you, we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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